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Nick sayegh

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Following his vision of a greener future, Nick Sayegh has transformed the industry by introducing a line of sustainable yet luxurious products, which have been featured in top magazines and received numerous accolades for both innovation and design.

Car Washes

Sayegh's car washes, renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and supreme service, have been named as the official car wash partner of elite car shows and luxury car manufacturers worldwide.

Exotic Car Rental Agency

Nick Sayegh has not just built a car rental business, he's crafted an experience; clients are not just renting a car, they are stepping into a world of luxury where every detail has been considered — the roar of a bespoke engine, the soft touch of hand-stitched leather seats, the gleam of hand-polished rare wood accents — giving a glimpse into Nick's impeccable taste and the high life that Miami has to offer.

Real Estate

Nick Sayegh has cemented himself as a cornerstone in the real estate rejuvenation phenomena sweeping through Chicago, personally orchestrating over 80 home purchases, with the noble aim to breathe new life into these properties through grandiose renovations and modern upgrades. These aren’t just homes, but masterpieces reborn through Nick’s visionary outlook, reflecting a seamless blend of classic elegance and contemporary luxuries.


Nick Sayegh stands as a testament to what a brilliant mind can achieve in the ever-evolving landscape of crypto. Leveraging a deep understanding of blockchain technologies and crafting algorithms of unmatched precision, he propelled himself to stellar heights, amassing over $1 million in revenue. Sayegh's crypto voyage is not just a journey of financial triumph but a ballet of numbers orchestrated by a maestro of algorithms.

Real Estate

In the exhilarating world of stock trading, Nick Sayegh is a force to be reckoned with, demonstrating an unyielding knack for making the most astute investments day in and day out. Through his adept understanding of the market dynamics and a razor-sharp focus, Sayegh has amassed a formidable portfolio exceeding a staggering $5 million, an achievement that speaks volumes about his acumen and strategic foresight in the stock trading arena.

Old Town man



Nick Sayegh is a powerhouse entrepreneur based in Chicago. From revolutionizing smoke shops to setting unprecedented standards in the car wash industry, Nick is the embodiment of innovation and luxury. His ingenuity shines brightest in the stock market, where he meticulously crafted a portfolio exceeding $5 million. As a real estate maestro, he’s rejuvenated over 80 homes, blending modernity with classic elegance. In Miami, his exotic car rental hub promises an unmatched luxury experience, housing a collection of the rarest vehicles on earth. A visionary with a Midas touch, Nick transforms dreams into reality.


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